Peace Prize awarded to Center for Nonviolence’s Kennedy

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Scott Kennedy, cofounder and staff member of the Resource Center for Nonviolence, will receive the 2008 El-Hibri Peace Education Prize the first week of October in Washington, DC. The annual prize is given by the El-Hibri family, Nonviolence International, and the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program at American University.

In a letter notifying Kennedy tha he had been selected to receive the prize, Mubarak Awad, founder and director of Nonviolence International in Washington, DC, cited Kennedy’s “outstanding achievements as a peace educator,” including his role in co-founding and leading the Resource Center for Nonviolencce, work with the Fellowship of Reconcilation, and promoting the practice of peace education tours to the Middle East other parts of the world. Awad commented that together these activities “highlight a tremendous legacy of peace education, for which we are proud to recognize you with this prize.” Mr. Fuad El-Hibri established the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize in 2007 to honor individuals who have dedicated their lives to peace education in their community. The first prize was given to Professor Abdul Aziz Said of American University for his 50 years of teaching and advocating for peace through peace education.

The El-Hibri award includes a cash prize including funds to support Kennedy’s speaking engagements related to peace education through the Resource Center for Nonviolence. Scott’s wife Kris, teacher at Bay View Elementary School in Santa Cruz, will accompany him to the awards ceremony in Washington, DC on October 4th, 2008.

Contact regarding the El-Hibri Peace Educator Prize: Mubarak Awad, Chairman of Selection committee (also founder and director of Nonviolence International, Washington, DC). Mobile 202-413-6062 , mubarakawad@gmail.com


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