We’re Hiring! POSITION: Administrative & Program Staff

We’re Hiring!

Resource Center for Nonviolence — Position:  Administrative & Program Staff

We seek a community builder to join our collaborative team. This staff member will conduct social media, administrative, and programs to build intersectional and intergenerational community around nonviolent social change. The person hired for this position will use a variety of interpersonal, communication, and administrative skills to further the mission of the Resource Center for Nonviolence. RCNV has an egalitarian structure. Work hours are flexible. 

The position is 23 hours per week, paying $18 per hour.

TO APPLY: Details below.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

Summary of Responsibilities:

1.  Coordinate social media outreach and publicity (4 hrs/wk)

2.  Other administrative responsibilities and fundraising (3 hrs/wk)

3.  Organization support responsibilities shared by all staff members (4 hr/wk)

4.  Support Kingian Nonviolence trainings (2 hrs/wk)

5.  Practice Nonviolence program (speakers, forums; support volunteer-led

education groups; collaborate with RCNV partners; produce resources) (5 hrs/wk)

6.  Support Project ReGeneration coordination (work with youth and young adults)

(5 hrs/wk)

NOTE: The balance of time spent on administrative vs. program responsibilities may vary.  The first 3 months will include orientation to RCNV, nonviolent action history and current practice.


Position: Administrative & Program Staff

Employer: Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA  95060    831.423.1626     rcnv.org

ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES (approximately 11 Hours/week, variable)

1. Coordinate Social Media, Outreach and Publicity:

Manage RCNV website, post RCNV web and blog content weekly, expand RCNV web traffic; Update rcnv.org information, video links, and archives; Strengthen and expand RCNV’s social media presence and produce compelling content (YouTube, Fb, Twitter, Forums, Instagram, etc.); Coordinate targeted publicity and outreach for events and RCNV facility via social media and print/radio; Expand outreach/publicity to diverse constituencies including youth, LGBTQ, communities of color and spiritual communities; Coordinate, edit and post videos for RCNV events.

2.  Administrative Responsibilities, in collaboration with other staff:

Organize and maintain office systems including filing; Oversee office volunteers; Conduct RCNV financial business as needed; Coordinate Email Newsletters; Coordinate mailing and email lists; Coordinate thank you’s for donations; Keep the office environment functional, accessible, orderly and safe for visitors, volunteers and staff; Order and maintain      office supplies and equipment as needed.

3. Responsibilities expected of all Staff Members:

  • Commit to nonviolence and the mission of the Resource Center for Nonviolence.
  • Commit to ongoing learning and exploration of nonviolence
  • Maintain regular office hours.
  • Actively participate in staff and Steering Committee meetings and retreats, RCNV programs, special projects.        
  • Actively participate in fundraising for RCNV’s budget and operations.
  • Coordinate one major fundraising event and letter per year.
  • Update and maintain relevant areas of RCNV website.
  • Commit to a mutually supportive and collegial working relationship with other staff and volunteers.                              
  • Maintain clear and regular communication with all staff.

PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES (approximately 12 Hours/week, variable)

1. Nonviolence Training

Perform outreach and publicity for trainings to diverse constituencies including youth, LGBTQ, communities of color; Assist other program staff with trainings. Learn Kingian Nonviolence and other nonviolent action training skills with goal of leading trainings after one year.

2. Practice Nonviolence program

Organize speakers, forums, study groups that amplify nonviolent voices from local, regional, national, and multinational struggles. Support volunteer-led Palestine Justice Coalition, Opposing Militarism/Truth in Recruiting, Santa Cruz County Community Coalition to Overcome Racism. Seek partnerships with Latinx communities and organizations in Santa Cruz County. Build bridges among diverse communities. Respond to initiatives by others for collaborations on programs consistent with the mission of RCNV. Build bridges among diverse communities. Produce resources with other staff members: print and media presentations of nonviolent action for online and in-the-Center use.

3. Support Project ReGeneration Coordination

Work with diverse groups that involve young people in social issues, activism and empowerment throughout Santa Cruz County. Organize and support community building and nonviolence education activities that prioritize youth and young adult participation. Build alliances among diverse youth activists and groups. Maintain and expand Project ReGeneration contact lists and integrate them with RCNV lists. Maintain a webpage and Facebook page. Encourage intergenerational and intersectional work in RCNV. Involve interns and volunteers in Project ReGeneration activities.


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Commitment to nonviolence and core values of the Resource Center for Nonviolence
  • “People person” – community builder able to make connections among many different people
  • Experience working or living with diverse persons or communities
  • Team member who is committed to consensus decision-making and shared responsibilities
  • Familiarity with nonviolence and compatible methods of community organizing
  • Demonstrated follow-through with responsibilities
  • Excellent social media and web skills- WordPress,YouTube, Fb, Twitter, Forums, Instagram, etc. mandatory
  • Excellent writing, editing and interpersonal communication and public speaking skills
  • Experience working collaboratively in a teeam with a non-profit organization a plus
  • Experience working or living with diverse persons or communities
  • Fluency in Spanish a plus
  • Administrative support experience and with Microsoft Office a plus
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Video or film editing skills a plus
  • Flexible availability (some weekend days and evenings)
  • Access to a vehicle for travel around Santa Cruz County
  • Some college experience
  • One year’s work experience; Year-round position; At least one year commitment


Send a PDF of your resume and cover letter. In addition, respond to these questions: 

1. What is your philosophy and practice of nonviolence? What is your education and training

in nonviolence? 2. Outline the skills and experience you would bring to this position.

3. How did you learn about this position?

Send to:  rcnvhire@gmail.com    The deadline for applications is Wednesday, December 6, 2017.


Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA  95060       831. 423.1626        rcnv.org

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