If you are interested in being an RCNV intern, tour the various program pages on this web site. These web pages provide an introduction to the scope of our work — philosophy and structure, local community and global programs, study and action. Identify elements that match your interests, passions and especially areas where you want to grow.

For more info: call 831-423-1626 or   rcnvinfo (at) gmail (dot) com

RCNV Intern Opportunities:

* Study & practice nonviolence in personal life and development of community.
* Organizing community education and action
* Peace and justice book store administration
* Public communication — web, print, press, house meetings, speaking.
* Development of community youth programs
* Educational programs — Nonviolence efforts throughout the world; the Middle East; global militarism and economics
* Nonprofit organization administration
* Production of speaker & workshop events
* Special projects suggested by intern applicants.

In addition to experiencing projects-of-interest, an RCNV intern can expect to experience the breadth of program and administrative work that sustains a small community-based organization; to become acquainted with diverse regional, national and global organizations working for social change; and to remain sensitive to diverse social change struggles while focusing limited resources for effective action.

Our most successful interns are responsible “self starters” who have some experience working with community peace and social justice programs. All staff work 1/2 time or less; mentoring time for interns is limited.

Each intern is responsible for providing their own transportation to Santa Cruz and for making their own arrangements in Santa Cruz for both room and board. The Resource Center provides no financial support for interns during their stay in Santa Cruz. Occasionally the Center can help an intern to find part-time work at subsistence wages.

For an application or more information about intern opportunities contact:
Anita Heckman
612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

831/423-1626 or email  rcnvinfo (at) gmail (dot) com