Middle East Program

Middle East Awareness and Education RCNV’s Middle East Awareness and Education program seeks to further understanding of the complex realities of life on the ground across the broader Middle East region. We also seek to support and act in solidarity with people from the region who are actively seeking nonviolent solutions to the various conflicts raging in that part of the world. While not exclusively focused on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, we do work with people from both sides of that conflict to strengthen the efforts of those who seek a nonviolent and just solution for both parties. For more information, contact Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, (831) 251-4833. The Palestine Israel Action Committee also  continues Scott Kennedy’s work for Middle East peace and justice:  PIAC

SEARCH for Justice & Equality in Palestine/Israel, founded in 1972 on the assertion that  that justice for Palestinians and security for Israeli Jews are not mutually exculsive, but interpendent. Scott Kennedy has served on the Advisory Council of SEARCH for several decades. Following the death of founder and Executive Director Ned Hanauer. The SEARCH board of directors has directed remaining funds to Eschaton Foundation to support the Middle East work of the Resource Center for Nonviolence. We greatly appreciate SEARCH’s vote of confidence and support.  www.searchforjustice.org/

Upcoming Delegations to Israel and Palestine The Resource Center works closely with Interfaith Peace-Builders to enable people to see and hear for themselves by joining a study tour/delegation to Israel and Palestine. To get an idea of what these delegations involve, read about the special Olive Harvest Delegation October 26-November 8, 2009 co-led by Scott Kennedy of the Resource Center for Nonviolence and Mike Daly of Interfaith Peace-Builders  CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT UPCOMING DELEGATIONS. You may read reports of the past delegations and learn more about efforts to build grassroots support for a just and sustainable resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Olive Harvest Delegation participats in the Olive Harvest Festival in Jenin with the Palestine Fair Trade Association: www.palestinefairtrade.org

Palestine Israel Action Committee is a group of local Jewish, Arab and other activists that meets on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at the Resource Center for Nonviolence. PIAC sponsors speakers, hosts cultural and educational events, and mobilizes public opinion for a political settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For more information or to confirm meeting times, contact:  PIAC or  piac  at   calcentral  dot   com.

Support Middle East Peace Work The Resource Center for Nonviolence Middle East Peace Program offers a variety of ways to support Middle East Peace Work. RCNV sells certified organic and Fair Trade Olive Oil and other products to support Palestinian farmers and agriculture. We also have raised tens of thousands of dollars to support a micro loan program in the West Bank, supporting women’s agricultural cooperatives and the Fair Trade and certified organic olive cooperatives. Please contact us if you wish to make a loan or make a gift to support this program. We also accept donations for Gush Shalom, the Israeli peace block, from supporters all around the nation.

Palestinian children atop the wall separating Egypt and the Gaza Strip that was knocked down by Palestinians desperate to break the siege of Gaza in 2007.kids-on-gaza-wall.jpg

A Call for the End of Israel’s Blockade of Gaza &

Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israeli Civilian Populations

The Resource Center’s Middle East Program affirms that, “any effort aimed only at one side in this conflict will not stop … desecration of all that we hold sacred…” RCNV’s Middle East Program agrees with the statement by Rabbis For Human Rights-North America, that, “As Jews, committed to the dignity of all human beings, we affirm the human rights of those civilians in Gaza suffering from the Israeli blockade, and those in Sderot suffering from the attacks by Kassam rockets fired from Gaza.  Both the blockade and the shelling of civilian areas are serious human rights violations.  As American citizens, we urge our government to move both parties towards an end to hostility and violence.

We reaffirm the statement of [Rabbis for Human Rights] in Israel that any effort aimed only at one side in this conflict will not stop this unfolding desecration of all that we hold sacred…  Neither military solutions nor occupation have led to the end of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and the loss of life and desecration of human rights continues. Until the day of peace between Israelis and Palestinians arrives, both parties, as well as the world leaders who influence them, must work to end the violent responses that exacerbate human suffering.”  Rabbis for Human Rights-North America    www.rhr-na.org

The Resource Center is accepting donations to support the efforts by the Israeli Peace Bloc or Gush Shalom to break the siege of the Gaza Strip by bringing humanitarian supplies to the area. Tax deductible donations may be made to support this effort to RCNV. Write “Gaza Convoy” on the memo line of your check or in the memo while making a donation on line by choosing the “donate” line at the top of this page.   Bomb shelter in playground in Sderot, IsraelNew and make-shift bomb shelters are everywhere in Sderot, Israel, including this playground. Residents have 5-15 seconds from the time the air attack warning system sounds until the rocket hits. A “Kassam Cemetary” at the Sderot Police station includes the remains of hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza that have struck the area. The red and green rockets on the left were fired by Hamas. The rocket in the middle struck on October 31, the day that the delegation co-led by Scott Kennedy visited Sderot.Rocket attacks on Sderot, Israel