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Military Counseling

Our group of trained and experienced counselors can assist:

Use the questions below to find the information you need.

Then call the GI Rights Hotline at 877-447-4487 (the national, toll-free number) or 831-316-5367 (the RCNV counseling group) to speak to someone about your situation. The call is confidential and free. We handle calls from all over the country, but particularly serve central California, Hawaii, and Alaska.

If you prefer, you can send us an e-mail at We can also arrange to meet with you in person.

Are you thinking about joining the military?

Get all the facts. Click here to read the enlistment contract, and for some questions you might want answered before you sign on the dotted line. Remember, unlike other jobs, you can’t simply quit the military when you want. You’re obligated for 8 years (or longer)

Are you wondering whether to register with Selective Service?

Click here for information about the Selective Service System and steps you can take now to prepare in case there is a draft in the future.

Have you enlisted in the military, but changed your mind?

If you have not yet reported for basic training, you’re probably in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). You can still get out fairly easily — if you act before the date you’re due to report. Click here for details.

Are you in the military and want a discharge — or want help with your situation?

Call the hotline to speak with a counselor — 877-447-4487 toll-free nationwide or 831-316-5367 for the Resource Center’s counseling group . We can help. Click here for links to information on various kinds of discharges and on military regulations and procedures.

Do you think you might be a conscientious objector (CO) to war?

If you’re in the military, call the hotline to speak with a counselor. We have experience guiding conscientious objectors through the discharge process. Click here for information about the process and CO status.

If you’re required to register with Selective Service, click here for a strategy to prepare for CO status in the event of a future draft.

Are you troubled by what you’re doing in the military or are being trained to do?

You’re not alone. Click here for a description of what many others have experienced. And call us. We can help you think through your situation and find a path forward.

Are there other organizations that can help?

There are several. Click here for a list.

GI Rights Hotline
877-447-4487 toll-free, nationwide
or 831-316-5367 for the RCNV counseling group