Project ReGeneration

The Resource Center for Nonviolence’s Project Regeneration is a collaborative effort dedicated to discovering creative and sustainable ways to inspire local and global social change through the powerful forces of the arts, community, and nonviolence.

Mission Statement

Project ReGeneration is committed to raising social consciousness, promoting creative expression, and fostering relevant inter-generational dialogue through the vehicles of art and community. Project ReGeneration seeks to empower youth by cultivating the collective power with which we can reclaim, redefine, and revitalize our contemporary social climate. Inspired by the lives and actions of nonviolent peace leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Dorothy Day and Caesar Chavez, Project ReGeneration is actively pursuing a more peaceful and just future for all.

NEW Resource, April , 2015:

Speak Out- a Zine Exploring Gendered Violence:  genderedviolencezine

is now available for sale online, for $3.00 each.