Our Mission

 Resource Center for Nonviolence

“The steering committee, staff, and volunteers of the Resource Center for Nonviolence have joined together to promote the conscious practice of nonviolence as a dynamic means of affecting personal change and creating a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.”  

The Center provides resources for critical reflection and  constructive action, leadership development, and individual and group empowerment by encouraging diverse groups and individuals to address social problems by life-affirming, nonviolent means.

Core Value:  The Resource Center for Nonviolence’s commitment to nonviolence is rooted in reverence for life in all its forms, and the dignity of all persons.

Goals:  Recognizing the need to build a more caring and just society, the Resource Center for Nonviolence strives to promote awareness of the inter-connectedness of all of life and of an underlying unity between all persons.

Recognizing that local, national and international issues are tied to one another, the Resource Center for Nonviolence strives to maintain communication and encourage collaboration with individuals and movements active in nonviolent struggle for peace and justice throughout the world.

Approved by the Steering Committee, 1995

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