Opposing Militarism

Opposing Militarism is a program of the Resource Center for Nonviolence. It is an outgrowth of the Center’s long-time commitment to opposing war and militarism, a history which includes twenty years of military and draft counseling and fifteen years as a branch of the GI Rights Hotline, a nationwide counseling service for military members and their families.

Over the years dozens of volunteers have counseled hundreds of people in the military, helping them deal with abuse and working with them to gain their rights to favorable discharges. We have had great success assisting conscientious objectors through the long process of obtaining an honorable discharge. We have educated young men and women to the realities of Selective Service registration and to the false promises of military recruiters.

As the United States is now engaged in continuous war and as militarism has increased its influence over the economic, political, religious, foreign policy and entertainment sectors of American life, members of the GI Rights Hotline have come to see that a more far-reaching approach is necessary to challenge this growing militarization.

The activities of Opposing Militarism include:

  • Continuing our work with the GI Rights Hotline and the Civilian Medical Resources Network.
  • Developing a truth-in-recruitment presence in schools and colleges on the Central Coast. Years of counseling have given us empathy for individual soldiers. The stories we have heard lead us to want to keep young people out of the military and help them find alternatives. Young men and women should make a decision about enlisting with full awareness of the realities and consequences of military service.
  • Making the connection between militarism and other global problems — environmental destruction and climate change, economic and social insecurity, poverty and inequality.
  • Exposing the devastation of war and its aftermath.
  • Engaging others to spread this awareness and organizing actions to counteract militarism.

We invite you to join us. Send us email  at resist@rcnv.org. Or call and leave a message at (831) 316-5367.

April Burns, Don Larkin, Joe Williams, Kit Anderton