Palestine Justice Coalition

Palestine Justice Coalition (formerly Palestine Israel Action Committee) is a group of local Jewish, Arab and other activists that meet and organize each month at the Resource Center for Nonviolence. PJC sponsors speakers, hosts cultural and educational events, and mobilizes public opinion for a political settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. PIAC co-organized a major Justice for Palestine conference with Friends of Sabeel North America in 2016, and supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of companies and entities that enable the suppression of Palestinian rights, occupation of Palestinian people, and prevention of sovereignty for Palestinians.  A focus now is Hewlett-Packard, which makes technology to profile Palestinians and assist in preventing free travel for work, hospital, education and family in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights, and Israel. For more information or to confirm meeting times, contact: or

Instagram and Twitter:  @JusticePJC