The Resource Center for Nonviolence is:

The Resource Center for Nonviolence is an education, training, and community center serving people from all racial and ethnic communities. We connect ourselves to histories of resistance and current struggles around the US and the world. We learn skills to grow our capacities and organize with others. We give voice to impacts of violence. We experience and learn impacts of racism, colonialism, militarism, patriarchy, capitalism. We voice stories of resistance and resilience. We commit to antiracism and nonviolence as methods to transform people, policies, institutions, and cultures. We are volunteers, staff, resources, and a venue to meet in. We are your home for growth in activism.

Our Mission

We are community members, volunteers, staff, board members, donors, and participants who join together to develop the powerful combination of nonviolence and antiracism as a means for personal and social change, to create a more just, equitable, joyful, and sustainable world.

Our Vision

The Resource Center for Nonviolence promotes the mutually reinforcing legacies, movements, practices, and visions of nonviolence and antiracism. We are committed to serving communities of all racial and ethnic groups, in Santa Cruz County and beyond, connecting in person and online.

Our Values and Goals

We celebrate the connection of all life and all people in Beloved Community. 

We draw strength from local roots and global relationships. 

We offer our facility in gratitude for, and in service to, community. 

We amplify the experiences of people impacted by racism, economic exploitation, militarism, patriarchy, colonialism

We question the illegitimate authority of white supremacy, capitalism and nationalism

We offer education, training, and community for people who seek justice, equity, joy, sustainability, freedom and life, for everyone.

Invitation to Participate

We invite you to learn, unlearn, ask, act, volunteer, donate, and join us in beloved community.

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Visit us online, by phone, or in person (when conditions allow)! We are excited to hear from you and want to know about your interests, offerings you would like to see from us, and how we can best serve you and our community.

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