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The Resource Center for Nonviolence, founded in 1976, is a peace and justice organization promoting the practice of nonviolent social change. Located in Santa Cruz, California, we cultivate relationships with allies around California, across the United States, in Latin America, the Middle East and elsewhere. Our primary mission is to support the growth of nonviolent activists. The Center hosts activists and analysts from nonviolent struggles around the world.

Selma Alabama Cultural Exchange- 2019


March 25- 31: Food Justice Spring Break

Register by February 15!

NOTE: Cancelled:  Bridge Crossing Jubilee-Feb. 27 - March 5

More info: Drew@rcnv.org


"The Radical King" Edited by Cornel West - Book Group

The first weekly session will take place on Saturday February 9th at RCNV, 12:30pm-2:00pm.

Come and learn about the true MLK!


More info: Drew@rcnv.org


Be Part of the Poor People's Campaign!

PPC Town Hall Every First Thursday of the Month throughout the County.



For future PPC updates, REGISTER HERE

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