Since 1976, volunteers from our community and from around the world have contributed their time and expertise to sustain Resource Center facilities and programs.

Steering Committee members, office receptionists, program organizers, fund raisers, event coordinators/assistants, phone tree and mailing assistants, communication systems consultants, workshop coordinators — nearly 200 individuals annually contribute over 3,000 volunteer work hours.

For more information about volunteer opportunities contact silvia@rcnv.org or call: 831/423-1626.

As a volunteer or intern, you may want to work on one of our programs, sharing your ideas and learning through experience. Or you may have an interest in some other social justice issue and, with the help of a staff member, plan a project to impact that issue.

Whatever interests, experience and skills you bring,  you will enhance our work and are needed to join our efforts in the peace and justice movement.

Become a volunteer today!

Volunteer Opportunities

RCNV’s Publicity Committee:  We are looking for people to work with the media and the community to publicize our Resource Center events. Work is done by email, postering, and occasionally may involve some phoning. We’ll show you how it’s done, then when an event comes up, the team will get the information out. And there is always room for your creative/artistic ideas.

Receptionist:  The front office is the central hub of the RCNV communication wheel. During times of domestic or global crisis, the Center is often the first place people call for accurate information about unfolding events. Volunteers who staff our front office answer the phone and reply to questions about RCNV programs and events. They sell books and other items available at the New Society Bookstore, and help the staff with special projects. There is no better way to learn about ALL of the RCNV programs and activities than doing several shifts of Front Office work.  Receptionists are asked to commit to a specific work schedule, two & one-half hours per week, weekday afternoons noon-2:00 p.m. or 2:00-4:00 p.m.  Qualifications: ability to attend to detail, enjoy working with a variety of people, and a good sense of humor.

Organize Events: Publicity, set-up, money/tickets at the door, clean-up – the bonus for the volunteer  is attendance at the event and meeting amazing people from all over the world

Mailing parties:  Every couple of months volunteers stuff and label envelopes while enthusiastically discussing the state of the world.

Special Projects:  Volunteers and interns who get to know the center through events, programs and volunteer work often find a passion for a particular project or program. Volunteers and interns are central to the operation of the following programs of the RCNV and we would not be able to offer these programs and projects without their efforts:

  • Nonviolence trainings
  • Middle East – Justice for Palestine and Israel, Events, Workshops and Delegations
  • Opposing Militarism – locally and globally
  • Property and Grounds Maintenance
  • Coalition to Overcome Racism
  • Anti-war vigils