Why Volunteer

Since 1976, volunteers from our community and from around the world have contributed their time and expertise to sustain Resource Center programs and facilities. Committee members, office receptionists, program organizers, fundraisers, event coordinators and assistants, phone tree assistants, photographers, tech support, workshop coordinators — nearly 100 individuals annually contribute over 3,000 volunteer work hours. We invite you to join with RCNV as you grow your skills and commitments for nonviolence and antiracism. We welcome volunteers available to be “on call” as well as regular commitments. RCNV also hosts interns through university programs who commit 5 to 30 hours a week learning nonprofit and social justice work. For more information about volunteer opportunities contact silvia@rcnv.org or call: 831.423.1626. Whatever interests, experience and skills you bring, you will support community organizing for nonviolence, antiracism, peace, and justice. The Resource Center for Nonviolence thrives with volunteer participation. RCNV welcomes people who want to be part of community education and training for nonviolence and antiracism. RCNV also relies on volunteer support for Contact Silvia with your interests.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Special Event Organizing
  • Program Communications (email, social media, traditional media, etc.)
  • Grounds maintenance (gardening, facilities, etc.)
  • Event host at our center
  • Fundraising
  • Technology support (web, social media, etc.)
  • Photography
  • Internships

Become an RCNV Volunteer

    Please check one or more interest you have in volunteering for.

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