The Art of Nonviolence Exhibition

Art of Nonviolence exhibits at the Resource Center for Nonviolence:

Anita Heckman, volunteer and former RCNV staff member, has coordinated and curated numerous Art of Nonviolence exhibits at RCNV since 2012. These powerful exhibitions display the spirit and breadth of nonviolence and have been wide ranging in subject matter. We have presented diverse artists that are local, regional and internationally based. Visual art can help people understand complex issues and the world from new perspectives. We hope to have three or more exhibits open to the public in 2021 and coming years. Contact Anita if you are interested in exhibiting at RCNV.

Art of Nonviolence Exhibits: 2012–2020:

Saffron Memorial Ribbons: ARRT (Artists Respond and Resist Together) project expressing collective mourning for Black Americans who have been killed by police and for those who have died in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Connections– A Printmaking Exhibit-  ties us to the healing power of nature, our history and our memories, featuring Jody BareMolly BrownMarcus CotaEsmeralda DeGiovanniEmma FormatoJane GregoriusAnita HeckmanBridget Henry, Glenn Joy, Stephanie Martin, Melissa West.

Unapologetically Black Art– Kalikata Mbula, Justice Renaissance, Karren Moorer, TheArthur, Elijah Pfotenhauer, Devi Pride, Kendra Dosenbach, Valeria Miranda, Dwight Tashann Chism, Robert Endacott-Keller, Javance Henderson

ARRT- Artists Respond and Resist Together – 3 annual collaborative exhibits- ARRT and Politics, ARRT and Human/ Nature, ARRT and the Pursuit of Hope

Russell Brutsché– paintings

Art and Poetry from the SC Main Jail (William James Association)

Photos by Bob Fitch, noted civil rights and UFW photojournalist and former RCNV staff member

Melissa West Printmaking

Seeking Justice in the Middle East– an Art Exhibit in memory of Scott Kennedy

Stonewalled in Jerusalem– Sara Friedlander, mixed media installation

Marciano “Chango” Cruz– Paintings by a Santa Cruz community activist, artist and surfer

Rebuilding Alliance/Gaza in Color – stories from behind the wall

Librarians and Archivists with Palestine

CosechArte– An Image Without Immigrants

TANA- Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer two silkscreen exhibits- Intersections and Currents with TANA and the Chicana/o Studies at UC Davis

Lesha Rodriguez- Oaxaca;

Imagining Safe SpaceLaurie McCann & Marilou Moschetti, Fiber Arts, Mixed Media and Found Objects

Black Lives in Santa CruzWhat Matters– photographs by Allison Garcia

The Art of Protest- posters from the 60’s, with Sharat Lin of the San Jose Peace Center

Enduring Power- The Middle Eastern and Iranian Women’s Story with Senses Cultural


2012: RCNV exhibits at the Pacific Grove Arts Center in collaboration with Naim Farhat and Farhat Cultural Center:  “Family Ties: Occupation Art by Suzanne Klotz /Art for the Sake of Humanity” – two human rights exhibits in memory of Scott Kennedy   Vimeo link:

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