RCNV Programs

RCNV programs are means to develop your knowledge, skills and commitment for nonviolent, antiracist personal and social change. RCNV offers open opportunities for everybody to participate, in our monthly Beloved Community Cafe conversations, and speakers, forums, films, and extensive library. RCNV presents trainings, book circles and seminars that invite more intensive learning and preparation for action.

Santa Cruz County United for Safe and Inclusive Communities (SCCUSIC)

Santa Cruz County United for Safe and Inclusive Communities (SCCUSIC) is an informal but robust countywide collaborative group that works to reduce hate and bias across Santa Cruz County and strengthen our response when incidents do occur.

Antiracism Book Circles

Unique opportunity to respond to the impact of the coronavirus crisis and the renewed call for racial equity in our society. You will be collectively and individually growing in understanding that will result in long-awaited inclusion and empowerment for traditionally marginalized groups in our beloved community. RCNV presents this series of antiracism book circles as an act of radical generosity.


Seminars are opportunities for deep learning led by experienced activists and authors in nonviolent, antiracist social change.

Lectures and Forums

RCNV creates, hosts, and facilitates multinational and local activists and thought leaders who share and teach their knowledge and experience on a variety of topics to our RCNV community.


Learn creative and strategic skills for organizing a protest, mobilizing a campaign, and building nonviolent culture. Nonviolent action can be applied in your community, on your issue, in your workplace or school. Learn from successes in struggles like civil rights, anti-colonial, environmental, migrant rights. Trainings may be arranged for your group, or join periodic nonviolent action skills trainings.


Seminars are opportunities for deep learning led by experienced activists and authors in nonviolent, antiracist social change.

The Transformative Justice Leadership Initiative (TJLI) Program

The Transformative Justice Leadership Initiative (TJLI) will be the Resource Center for Nonviolence’s leading program, designed to respond to Santa Cruz County’s need for transformational leadership education, training and support to address the issues connected to living in a historically segregated community.

RCNV Partner Organizations

A culture of nonviolence and antiracism is built by many groups that hold public events at RCNV, do their own work in RCNV facilities, and partner with RCNV, including: SCCCCOR (Santa Cruz County Community Coalition to Overcome Racism), Palestine Justice Coalition, Reel Work Labor Film Festival, Art of Nonviolence exhibits at 612 Ocean in Santa Cruz, Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County at 614 Ocean Street.


Santa Cruz County Coalition to Overcome Racism (SCCCCOR) is a grassroots organization founded in 2007 to address structural racism as the the root cause of racial inequity in Santa Cruz County.

Palestine Justice Coalition

Palestine Justice Coalition is a group of local Jewish, Arab and other activists that meet and organize each month at the Resource Center for Nonviolence. PJC sponsors speakers, hosts cultural and educational events, and mobilizes public opinion for a political settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Reel Work Labor Film Festival

Reel Work presents cultural events, bringing together award-winning documentary film producers, workers, activists, students, and the public with the goal of increasing community awareness of the central role of work in our lives, to discuss economic and global justice issues, and to bring alive the history and culture of the labor movement in the US and abroad. We highlight how workers and community members band together in united effort for mutual benefit to achieve justice and dignity in the streets, fields, and workshops.

Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz

Since 1986, CRC has helped thousands of clients – businesses, organizations and individuals – find satisfying solutions to difficult problems. Whether you are experiencing conflict at home, in your neighborhood, or at work, CRC can help you find relief. Our services are available to anyone in Santa Cruz County.

The Art of Nonviolence Exhibition

These powerful exhibitions display the spirit and breadth of nonviolence and have been wide ranging in subject matter. We have presented diverse artists that are local, regional and internationally based. Visual art can help people understand complex issues and the world from new perspectives.

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