“The only hope for we the people of the USA in the 21st century is if we have campaign after campaign and movement upon movement of nonviolent soul force, direct action that will make the Rosa Parks and King movements pale beside them.”

--Rev. James Lawson, trainer for Nashville lunch counter sit-ins, and union struggles

CNV offers training in nonviolent and antiracist action applying lessons from social movements around the world, latest lessons, and our own experience.

RCNV offers trainings for 

  • antiracism action in our lives, institutions, and communities
  • healing our bodies from traumatic responses to racism
  • settling ourselves in readiness to engage conflict
  • organizing our groups to express nonviolent values
  • nonviolent action campaigns in communities or institutions
  • antiracist approaches to nonviolent action organizing
  • conducting nonviolent action or protest
  • civil disobedience
  • community organizing for a policy change

Nonviolence comes naturally, but our culture does not train for it. Antiracism requires unlearning White Supremacy culture and retraining our minds and actions. The Black-led Nonviolent Movement for America with hundreds of campaigns for civil rights and economic empowerment in the 1950’s and 60’s, used training to prepare for police violence, white-supremacist backlash, and persistent, strategic action.

Training is the means by which activists prepare to be who they want to be when taking risks that come in public action. Training is a way for activists to organize themselves, strategize, create common agreements, commit to disciplines, prepare their bodies for responses to trauma, empower participants with basic information about the message, logistics and risks of an action, ground activists in the big picture of a campaign and movement, pay attention to personal needs, and build camaraderie.


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