Antiracism Book Circles

Why Antiracism Book Circles

The Resource Center for Nonviolence organizes a series of antiracism book circles as an act of radical generosity and interconnectedness amidst the coronavirus crisis and beyond. Our past experiences enriched co-facilitators and participants alike into deeply understanding and healing racism within and without, such circles also create constructive relationships and profound conversations. It is an ongoing learning process for all affinity groups. 

The RCNV book circles provide participants a unique opportunity to respond to the renewed call for racial equity in our society. Participants collectively and individually gain understanding that results in long awaited inclusion and empowerment to traditionally marginalized groups in our beloved community. More importantly, they provide a way to maintain energetic human connections through virtual meeting spaces and in person when it is possible. 

Circles can hold anywhere from 8–20 people depending on co-facilitators preferences and can last 8–10 weeks. There are pre- and post- book circle surveys for participants to reassess their needs and shared learning. Information about the circles are created on Eventbrite and publicized within the community. 

We offer a diverse collection of books on antiracism covering aspects from the intellectual and historical perspectives to healing in the body, heart and mind, recognizing the trauma racism inflicts on all of us and how to forge a oneness healing path going forward.

Due to the sensitive racial nature of the offered books, we create separate affinity groups to respect the personal process of participants by providing an environment for deeper and more open discussion. Hence, some book circles are co-facilitated by white-identified individuals and some by BIPOC individuals (Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color). Our co-facilitators ensure support for every participant in their process. The circles hold space for all identities–those that are not-obviously apparent as well as those that are.

Books offered this 2021 Fall cycle are: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States; Healing Resistance; My Grandmother’s Hands, The Body Is Not An Apology; Letters from Young Activists; Medical Apartheid; In This Place Together. Visit the Event links below to register.

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