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Community Organizing Town Hall: Book Launch of “People Power”

Date(s) - Jul 16, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Join the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program on Friday, July 16th at 1pm CST (2pm EST) in
partnership with the Elaine Legacy Center and Pyramid Books in Little Rock, Arkansas for a
hybrid Town Hall event for launch of People Power, edited by Paul Ortiz and Wesley Hogan,
and published by the University Press of Florida:

This Community Town Hall event will be broadcast live from the Elaine Legacy Center in Elaine,
Arkansas and virtually for all those elsewhere.

Featuring contributions from leading scholar-activists including Lane Windham, Tim Tyson,
Marsha Darling, and Ernie Cortez, People Power demonstrates how history can inform the
building of new social justice movements today. This volume is inspired by the life and work of
writer, activist, and co-founder of the Duke Oral History Program, Lawrence “Larry” Goodwyn.
Whether he was interviewing the descendants of 19 th century populists, Polish Solidarity trade
unionists or civil rights activists, Larry wanted to discover what motivates ordinary people to
move from kitchen table conversations to building social movements for change. This book
launch will feature readings from People Power that highlight how histories of anti-racism and
popular insurgencies can inform today’s social movements and scholarship on social justice.

To register for the Zoom event, click here:

Books can be purchased from Pyramid Books (
your local bookstore, and from the University Press of Florida directly. Pyramid Art Books and
Custom Framing is a Black-owned store located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program is actively engaged in gathering, preserving and
sharing African American oral histories and struggles from Reconstruction to the present. The
Joel Buchanan Archive of African American Oral History, is one of the premier collections of
Black History narratives in the United States:

The Elaine Legacy Center aims to research, preserve, share our oral narratives of the Elaine
Massacre of 1919, build a village that is a center of Delta spirituality, culture, arts, music, and
education for meaningful tourism so that we all have an above average income and above
average wealth accumulation. (For more information on this event:


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