Unveiling Layers of History: “Caste Uncovered”


Jun 14, 2024    
6:00 pm

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As we approach the annual Juneteenth weekend, a time of profound reflection and celebration of freedom and civil rights, the Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV) is proud to introduce a pivotal event, “Caste Uncovered.” This panel discussion, coinciding with the launch of Santa Cruz’s Juneteenth festivities, promises to deepen our understanding of social hierarchies and their lasting impacts on society.
Scheduled for June 14th at 6PM, “Caste Uncovered” will feature clips of Ava DuVernay’s documentary “Origins,” interwoven by a discussion led by esteemed panelists Allison Anthony and Christine Hong, with RCNV’s own Silvia Morales facilitating. This gathering is not just an event but a communal experience designed to forge connections through shared histories of struggle and resilience.
The choice of Juneteenth as the backdrop for this event is intentional and symbolic. Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, marking a significant moment of liberation. Similarly, the discussion around caste systems—both historical and contemporary—challenges us to confront the structures that perpetuate inequality and oppression. “Caste Uncovered” aims to illuminate these parallels, fostering a broader understanding of how intertwined our fights for justice truly are.
This event also serves as a vibrant kickoff to a weekend dedicated to remembering and reinvigorating the spirit of liberation that Juneteenth embodies. It is a call to reflect on past victories over oppression and to renew our commitment to dismantling the modern equivalents of those very structures.
RCNV invites the community to join in this enlightening experience, which promises not only to educate but to inspire actionable change. As we sit at the intersection of remembering past atrocities and fostering a future of equality, “Caste Uncovered” offers a unique space to explore the roots of systemic discrimination and to celebrate the ongoing journey towards justice and equity.
Let us come together to honor the spirit of Juneteenth, to learn from our shared past, and to take informed steps toward a more inclusive future. Join us at the RCNV—where every conversation, every event, every moment of enlightenment contributes to the nonviolent march toward peace.
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