Central Coast Premier of the film: The Boys Who Said No!

Date(s) - Mar 11, 2023
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Resource Center for Nonviolence


Advanced ticket purchase is required.

**This is a hybrid event. There will be an in-person film screening and panel discussion at the Resource Center for Nonviolence at 612 Ocean Street. The panel discussion directly following the film screening will be live streamed on our YouTube channel and the film will be available for 72 hours for virtual ticket holders. The film will not be live streamed**

THE BOYS WHO SAID NO! shows how personal and collective acts of nonviolent resistance were a critical part of the antiwar movement.

The Boys Who Said No! features Dr. Martin Luther King, Joan Baez, David Harris, and film producer Christopher Jones. Inspired by Black America’s crusade for equal rights, young Americans, barely adults, chose to resist the Vietnam War, and openly refused military service, risking years in prison.

The stand out film was a 2021 winner in the New York Socially Responsible Film Festival, and was screened at eleven film festivals, winning top awards at four.

The San Francisco Chronicle called it “An ode to the power of activism.”

Featuring interviews with more than thirty nonviolent activists, THE BOYS WHO SAID NO! shows how personal and collective acts of nonviolent resistance by men and women were a critical part of the antiwar movement, intensifying opposition to the war and forcing an end to the draft and the war 50 years ago.

RCNV’s local premier is presented in memory of war resisters Christopher Colorado Jones, David Harris, Joe Maizlish, and Tod Friend.

The panel discussion with the resistance activists will directly follow the film showing at RCNV on March 11:


Mandy Carter is a lifelong community organizer for the War Resisters League West, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Black Justice Coalition, and Southerners on New Ground. Mandy Carter is a southern African-American lesbian with a 52-year movement history of social, racial and LGBT justice organizing since 1967.

WInter Dellenbach was co-founder and organizer for the Los Angeles Resistance. She lived communally for 23 years, was a public interest law attorney, and remains an advocate for low-income people, and a political activist.

Bob Zaugh was in The Resistance. He left UCLA grad school, turned in his draft cards, refused to take a physical, refused induction, and defended himself in Federal Court. He headed up Peace Press for twenty years and has been involved in issues such as opposing the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and nuclear testing. Recently he has organized reentry work for Amnesty case Gary Tyler, and shown The Boys Who Said No! extensively at colleges around the LA area.

RCNV Board President Joe Williams, who organized for anti-militarism with RCNV’s GI Rights Hotline team for 20 years, will extend an invitation to form a local team doing counter-recruitment in high schools and antiwar organizing.


Director: Judith Ehrlich

Produced by: Christopher Colorado Jones, Judith Ehrlich, and Bill Prince

Advisory Team: Christopher Colorado Jones, Bill Prince, Barbara Myers, Lee Swenson, Robert Cooney, Robert Levering, Sara Wood Smith, and Steve Ladd.

Executive Producers: Clara Bingham, Robert Estrin, Alan Gould, Robert Levering and Carolyn Leone Levering, Robert and Marie Weissbourd, Bob Zaugh

Production Fiscal Sponsor: Resource Center for Nonviolence/Eschaton Foundation

The film was conceived in a conversation by Christopher Colorado Jones and Peter Klotz-Chamberlin. Filming began during a reunion of Resistance and Peace Movement activists at the home of David Harris in July, 2013.

TICKET INFO (Tickets are Required)

We are offering both in-person and virtual tickets for $10 but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. We are offering both a youth ticket for anyone under 25 and a scholarship ticket for both ticket options.

  • Online streaming for film will only be available March 8-11. You can join the live stream panel discussion after the film. Please note that the film will not be streamed live.
  • In person-includes film screening and live panel discussion. Please note that masks are required in Scott Kennedy Hall, RCNV.
  • FREE Youth tickets for 25 and younger are available for streaming or in person
  • Scholarship tickets are available upon request

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