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RCNV Staff

Silvia Morales

Executive Director

Silvia Morales is the Executive Director for the Resource Center for Nonviolence. She is trained as a public interest lawyer and has a passion for civil rights. In her life-long role as advocate for the Latinx community, she has remained dedicated to providing spaces for racial healing and understanding. She loves the Central Coast of California because it continues to provide her and her family a life filled with beauty and purpose.

Tom Monahan

Facility and Technology Manager

RCNV Board

The Board of Directors of RCNV/Eschaton Foundation is responsible for directing:

Mission | Overall Program | Personnel | Finances | Fundraising | Property |
Community Relations | Policies

Jorge Mendez


Joe Williams


A resident of Santa Cruz since 2000, Joe has been involved with the Santa Cruz Peace Coalition, Santa Cruz Indymedia, and Santa Cruz Art & Revolution. A longtime volunteer with RCNV (DAMIT – Draft and Military Information Team; GI Rights Network), he has counseled conscientious objectors and done counter-recruitment work in local schools. Joe is a steward for SEIU-UHW at Dominican Hospital and a voting delegate on the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council. He has twice run for US Congress for the Peace & Freedom Party.

Peter Klotz-Chamberlin


I co-founded RCNV, and serve as a volunteer and Secretary of the Board of Directors. I am a slow, lifelong learner. I learn social accountability from LGBTQ mentors, from Black, Latinx, Palestinian, Asian, Indigenous, and Jewish mentors, gender and environmental accountability from my marriage partner Liz, nonviolence possibility from so many companions, mentors and examples, antiracism from current RCNV companions. I learned questioning authority and community organizing from Scott Kennedy. I learned accountability in work during years in electrical construction and from my Dad Jim. My mother Ruth led me to seek. I learn presence and humor from two pre-school grandkids. Black Gospel music and Bob Dylan music/poetry feed my soul.

Darrell Darling

Board Member

Tom Helman


I am a co-founder of the Center and currently serve as the Board Treasurer. In this role I have been developing budgets and analyzing the monthly financial statements. It is with great delight that I get to review the donations big and small that come from our supporters. I view these donations as a vote of confidence in the work of the Center. My career was in non-profit organizations as both a direct service provider and administrator. I appreciate that the Center addresses a variety of issues that need to be highlighted in our society today. I must also confess that I am one of those white-haired seniors who you see walking around with binoculars seeking a glimpse of a rare or familiar bird.


Contract Support:

Amanda Harris Altice, Social Media, Website

Muna AlSheikh, Antiracism Education

Kate Doyle, Bookkeeping

Joe Bonanno, Website

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