Tues. Apr. 29: Evening of Comedy and Provocation with Khalil Bendib

Prez in the FezTuesday, April 29, 7:30p.m.
The Mill Gallery, 131 Front Street, Santa Cruz

An evening of comedy and political provocation
with America’s most-wanted political cartoonist &
the First Muslim Presidential Candidate

sponsored by the Resource Center for Nonviolence
and the Santa Cruz Comic News

$6-$20 suggested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Khalil Bendib’s award- winning cartoons are distributed nationwide. His tongue-in-cheek presentation, including his political cartoons, touches on how Islamophobia and the “War on Terror” are used to justify increased violence, militarism and repression. He advances
nonviolence, peace and love as the only true remedies to what ails us. Copies of “Mission Accomplished,” Bendib’s recent book of cartoons, will be available for purchase. “Bendib is an Equal opportunity skewer. The more a subject or victim is ignored by the mass
media, the more he infuriates, informs and intensifies the reader’s attention. Cartoons need to jolt. Bendib obliges page after page.” — RALPH NADER. “Khalil Bendib, with a few ingenious strokes of his pen, gets to the heart of the issues of our time. His cartoons are in the greatest tradition of American political humor, with that
combination of wit and intelligence so needed in the struggle for justice.” — HOWARD ZINN

For more information, call 423-1626 or www.rcnv.org

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