BePresent Inc. Author Dialogue with Clare Holzman

Be Present Inc. invites you to…  A Dialogue with author Clare Holzman:

“I’ve Always Known I’m Jewish, but How Am I Jewish?”

in the book: A Minyan of Women: Family Dynamics, Jewish Identity, and Psychotherapy Practice, a special issue of Women & Therapy: A Feminist Quarterly.

Saturday, June 25th 5pm
at the Resource Center of Nonviolence
515 Broadway

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Clare will discuss her article as well as how her own journey with the help of Be Present, Inc. led her to a deeper understanding of herself as a non-believing, non-practicing Jew, still claiming Judaism.

The book, A Minyan of Women: Family Dynamics, Jewish Identity, and Psychotherapy Practice, explores the diverse manner in which family dynamics shaped Jewish identities in ways that were unique and directly connected to their experiences within their families of origin. Highlighted is the diversity of experience of ethnic identity within members of a group of women who are similar in many respects and who belong to an ethnic group that is often invisible. Jewish people, like members of other ethnic groups are often treated as if their identities were homogeneous. However, gender, social class, sexual orientation, factors surrounding immigration status, proximity of family members to the holocaust or pogroms, the number of generations one’s family has been in the US and other salient aspects of experience and identities transform and inform the meaning and experience by group members.

This book was published as a special issue of Women and Therapy. Women & Therapy is the only professional journal that focuses entirely on the complex interrelationship between women and the therapeutic experience. Devoted to descriptive, theoretical, clinical, and empirical perspectives on the topic of women and therapy, the journal is intended for feminist practitioners as well as for individuals interested in the practice of feminist therapy.

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