Tues. May 31: Blood and Oil- Film Benefit for People Power

Blood and Oil- Film Benefit for People Power

Description: In honor of Memorial day this year, let’s remember that many soldiers are dying over a dependence on foreign oil, and that we can support them by using less of it.

Tuesday, May 31, 7:00PM
Del Mar Theatre 1124 Pacific Avenue
(downtown Santa Cruz)
$5-$10 suggested donation

**Free valet bike parking will be provided by People Power right in front of the theater on Pacific Avenue.**

Also, Thursday June 2nd,  8 pm
At the Brown Beret Bike Shack, 555 Main St.
Free Showing of the Film to help celebrate Bike Shack’s 5th anniversary.

“Our military policy and our energy policy have become intertwined. They have become one and the same… And if we continue to rely on military force to solve our resource needs, we’re in for a very bloody and dangerous and painful century indeed.”
– Michael Klare in Blood and Oil

–”Blood and Oil is an indispensable primer on the role of oil in driving US military policy. Every peace activist, every environmental activist, and every concerned citizen should see this film for the perspective it provides on how to free the US and the world of our addiction to oil.”
– William Hartung, New America Foundation

The film shows how concerns about oil have been at the core of American foreign policy for more than 60 years, rendering our energy and military policies virtually indistinguishable. “Blood and Oil” calls for a radical rethinking of U.S. energy policy, warning that unless we change direction, we will be drawn into one oil war after another as depletion of the world\’s petroleum supplies accelerates. Come join us and get re-inspired to end these wars while also honoring our servicemen and women by not sacrificing them in vain and greed.

Co-sponsored by the Resource Center for Nonviolence. The screening is underwritten by the Green Station, Nickelodeon Theatres, Inc., and the City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency. All proceeds go to People Power\’s ongoing educational efforts for sustainable transportation. FMI: (831) 425-0665, info@peoplepowersc.org

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