In memoriam: Ira Sandperl, March 11, 1923 – April 13, 2013

Ira Sandperl helped start the Resource Center for Nonviolence by leading “Conversations in Nonviolence” at the whale park near Seabright in 1976.  He co-founded the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence with Joan Baez, and was co-activist with her in civil rights and anti-war nonviolent action.”We are deceived into believing that we can get the kind of world we seek by doing the very things we are trying to get rid of. ‘Just a little more violence to end violence.’…  We get what we do; not what we intend, dream or desire.  We simply get what we do.  Recognizing this and applying it would, in a generation, bring about the transformation that alone can put an end to the fear, suspicion, and misery which at present hold such terrible sway over our lives.”  From Ira’s book, A Little Kinder.” See   And know that we live with Ira’s insistence and humor in us.                                            (Peter)

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