Letter to the Editor printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/29/21:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not end until Israelis stop taking Palestinian homes and land. This war started when Israeli settlers moved to force Palestinian families out of homes they had lived in for generations. Israel has been confiscating land and destroying Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories since the 1967 occupation, and since the 1948 destruction and appropriation of homes belonging to 700,000 Palestinians.

Israel must end its occupation and settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and open gates to Gaza. The US should stop funding Israel until all Jews, Muslims, Christians, Palestinians, and Israelis enjoy one democratic nation from the sea to the Jordan River.  The U.S. has similar dynamics. People are forced to cohabitate in segregated/impoverished communities where their traumas perpetuate ongoing historical violence. RCNV seeks an end to violent colonialism in Israel and at home. 

Silvia Morales, Jorge Mendez, Joe Williams, Tom Helman, Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, Darrell Darling, Resource Center for Nonviolence

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