Long Days of Travel and First Impressions of Bethlehem

Long Days of Travel and First Impressions of Bethlehem

Report One — October 31, 2013

The following excerpts are from the first report of the Olive Harvest Delegation to Palestine/Israel, co-sponsored by Interfaith Peace-Builders, the Resource Center for Nonviolence, and the Palestine-Israel Action Coalition of Santa Cruz. You may read the full report online here.

Report Overview

Because of weather problems in Europe, the delegation was delayed in beginning and the group had to split up and take several flights. Delegate John Jeffery below talks about heavy questioning in Paris. Two other pieces from delegates who arrived early talk about first impressions of the occupation and reasons for hope.

The remainder of the pieces highlight the full group’s first day in Bethlehem. The group was inadvertently tear-gassed on arrival in Aida Refugee Camp; Guillermo Marquez-Sterling and Ariel Gold detail this experience. Carolyn Karcher provides a full overview of the day’s meetings — with emphasis on issues ranging from refugee rights to sustainable agriculture to child detainees. Finally, Jared Rodriguez finds the presence of God in an unexpected place.

Please click to see more on the Interface Peace Builders report and first impressions!

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