New World Border Art Show at 612 Ocean St. 3/2/12 through 3/30/12

Resource Center for Nonviolence to host “New World Border” poster art show. “First Friday” March 3rd through March 30th Special Reception opening night presentation with Francisco Dominguez, Photographer, Artist and co-organizer of “New World Border” at 5pm.

Click Here for a Flyer for the show.

To raise awareness about the human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and gross violation of civil rights along the US/Mexico Border and establish our new facility as one that is supportive of the arts, the RCNV is hosting the “New World Border” traveling art show. “New World Border” is a collaborative effort from 30 artists throughout the U.S. to express concern about the US/Mexico Border Fence between the two countries both the sections already constructed and the newly proposed routes. Opening Night will feature a special photo slideshow presentation with Francisco Dominguez, artist and co-organizer of “New World Border” on the effects of the US/Mexico border wall.

From the artist’s collaborative statement: “The wall, now being constructed across the length of the US/ Mexico border is like a knife cutting off neighbors, wildlife, indigenous people, and families. The wall is inflaming hatred and contributing to an atmosphere of vigilantism and oppression. While the US walls itself off from the world in the name of “security” what is it sacrificing? A group of artists respond to the wall with imagery from a variety of viewpoints. This is a touring exhibition that is being shown simultaneously at galleries, cultural centers, schools and other venues across the country…. …The wall is destroying and dividing families, communities, ecosystems, and indigenous lands. The wall is part of a national move towards increased militarization of all aspects of society. The time to speak out against it is now.”

The Resource Center for Nonviolence has long been an ally and advocate for the undocumented and greater Latin American community. We take an organizational stance against the US Government’s inhumane and destructive immigration policies. Please come learn more about how you can participate in the newest manifestation of the civil rights struggle. Opening Reception Friday March 2nd at 5pm At NEW Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St.

Sponsored by: The Resource Center Nonviolence, Immigration Action Group of SCCCCOR, the Watsonville Brown Berets, Barrios Unidos

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