Protest the Nuclear Missile Launch at Vandenberg!

An Intercontinental Ballistic missile will be launched June 28 at midnight. The target is an atoll in the Marshall Islands. The protest will be at the front gate of the Vandenberg Space Command, 6 miles north of Lompoc on Hiway One.

A chartered Green Tortoise bus leaves S.F. at 4pm Sunday, June 28, picking up people in towns along 101 South, arriving at the protest just before midnight.  If enough people sign up, the bus will stop in Santa Cruz! The bus will be back in S.F. by 8 a.m., dropping off participants in Salinas, San Jose and if enough people, Santa Cruz.  The bus has fold-down bunks for sleeping. Tickets are $50, $25 for students, free for the stony-broke. Music and food provided. To reserve a seat, call MacGregor Eddy, 831-206-5043 or

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