RCNV is HIRING: JOB OPENING: Program Staff/ Project ReGeneration & Nonviolence Training

RCNV is Hiring! We’re looking for a dynamic,  self-motivated person to focus on outreach to youth and young adults in SC County and inspire them to change the world!  Applications accepted until June 3, 2016

See PDF job announcement link, or see text below:

5.24.16. PROGRAM STAFF Project ReGeneration, Nonviolence Ed. -Trainng jobAnnouncement


Resource Center for Nonviolence JOB OPENING

Position: Program Staff: Project ReGeneration / Nonviolence Education & Training

The Resource Center for Nonviolence seeks a new staff person to work in a collaborative team of 4 half-time staff members. Emphasis: Project ReGeneration coordination– inspiring the next generation of activists, and Nonviolence Education & Training. The position is half time, 23 hours per week, paying $15 per hour. The person hired for this position will use a variety of interpersonal and communication skills to further the mission of the Resource Center for Nonviolence with youth and young adults. The Center has an egalitarian structure; work hours are flexible and coordinated with co-workers.

TO APPLY:  The deadline for applications is FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2016.  Email a PDF of your resume and cover letter to rcnvhire@gmail.com  . In addition, respond to these questions: 1.What is your philosophy and practice of nonviolence? 2. Outline the skills and experience you would bring to this position. 3. How did you hear about this position?

POSITION:  Program Staff: Project ReGeneration / Nonviolence Education & Training

EMPLOYER: Resource Center for Nonviolence/Eschaton Foundation

612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060   831- 423-1626     rcnv.org

PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES: (16-18 hours per week)

1.     Project ReGeneration Coordination

Work with diverse groups that involve young people in social issues, activism and empowerment throughout Santa Cruz County; Organize and support community building and nonviolence education activities that prioritize youth and young adult participation; Build alliances among diverse youth activists and groups; Maintain and expand ReGeneration contact lists and integrate these with other RCNV lists; With other staff, maintain a webpage and Facebook page; Invite and encourage young adult participation in other RCNV programs; Seek and involve interns and volunteers in Project ReGeneration activities.


2.  Nonviolence Education

Speak in public forums and classrooms and youth groups about nonviolent social change; Support public programs organized by other RCNV staff; Learn nonviolence training methods such as Kingian Nonviolence, Engage, or similar methods; Develop and implement collaborative, participatory, and action-oriented nonviolence/social justice trainings and workshops for youth and all ages.


3.  Community Engagement

Participate in community efforts that prevent violence and develop community and nonviolence among youth, such as the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force; Connect with groups engaged in political struggle and nonviolent direct action in Santa Cruz County and local region.


4.  Fundraising

Take primary responsibility to write the annual grant that funds this position, and seek other grant sources to augment and complement that funding; Organize other fundraising activities to support Project ReGeneration; Coordinate one major RCNV fundraising project each year.



All staff will:

  • Commit to nonviolence and the mission of the Resource Center for Nonviolence.
  • Maintain regular office hours.
  • Actively participate in staff and Steering Committee meetings and retreats, RCNV programs, and special projects. Representation on sub-committees will be divided among staff.
  • Actively participate in fundraising for RCNV’s budget and operations.
  • Coordinate one major fundraising event and letter per year.
  • Update and maintain relevant areas of RCNV website
  • Commit to a mutually supportive and collegial working relationship with other staff and volunteers.
  • Maintain clear and regular communication with all staff.


NOTE: The first 3 months will include orientation to RCNV and training in Kingian Nonviolence or other nonviolence methods. 

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Commitment to nonviolence and core values of the Resource Center for Nonviolence
  • Fluency in Spanish a plus
  • Team member who is committed to consensus decision-making and shared responsibilities
  • Familiarity with nonviolence and compatible methods of community organizing
  • Demonstrated follow-through with responsibilities
  • Experience with nonviolence training methods a plus
  • Experience with non-profit or other organization a plus
  • Experience working or living with diverse persons or communities
  • Excellent social media and web skills, including WordPress,YouTube, Fb, Forums, Instagram, etc.
  • Excellent writing, editing and interpersonal communication skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Flexible availability
  • Some college experience
  • One year’s work experience
  • At least one year commitment
  • Access to a car or other personal transportation will be needed.


Send a PDF of your resume and cover letter. In addition, respond to these questions: 1.What is your philosophy and practice of nonviolence? 2. Outline the skills and experience you would bring to this position. 3. How did you hear about this position?

SEND TO: rcnvhire@gmail.com          The deadline for applications is Friday, June 3, 2016

Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA  95060             831. 423.1626                       rcnv.org

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