RCNV purchases new property at 612 Ocean St.

612 Ocean St

October 1, 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters:

The Resource Center for Nonviolence is in for some major challenging and exciting changes. These changes will build and strengthen our work and advance the cause of active nonviolence. After more than 34 years at 515 Broadway, the Resource Center, a project of the non-profit 501(c)(3) Eschaton Foundation, will relocate to 612 Ocean Street. We have purchased and will be moving over the next several months into the former Church of Christian Science just two blocks from our present location.

This new facility offers larger and better space:

*It is a single story building accessible for people with special needs;
*It includes a large meeting hall, several smaller meeting and conference rooms, more office space for staff, volunteers, special programs and other community groups;
*There is substantially more parking than on Broadway, on site as well as on nearby public streets; and,
*The location has even more traffic and is more visible than our current location.

How are we able to make this big move at this time? First and foremost, careful stewardship of our current facility for more than three decades means that we own the Broadway property without debt. This enables us to take loans against and eventually sell our property on Broadway to purchase the new facility. A local resident and long-time supporter of the Center, who prefers to remain unnamed, has stepped forward with a major gift and loan. A recent bequest from the estate of lawyer and community activist Emily Maloney will help us cover additional costs related to the move into the new facility. The Estate of the late lawyer and theologian William Stringfellow will provide needed resources as well.

Project director Kim Frentz Edmonds of Ventura Partners has drawn on her extensive experience helping nonprofits build or renovate buildings to support their work. Kim has helped us lay out a financial plan for the next ten years detailing costs for operating the new facility and doing our work at and from the Ocean Street site. This plan incorporates a financial projection that understates potential revenue and is realistic about likely expenses. This financial plan will enable us to focus on the next phase of the Resource Center life and work after moving into the new facility.

As we make this move to 612 Ocean Street, RCNV staff and Steering Committee are embarking on a review of our current programs. We will be seeking community input on projects that will help create a more cooperative and inclusive society. This program assessment is in many ways even more important than the fact of a new home for RCNV. But we have come to understand that the work we do requires different space than available at the Broadway building. The facility we utilize and the work that we do go hand in hand and reinforce one another. We are confident that our new facility will strengthen and sustain our work by providing ample room for activities, community gatherings and special events, and coalition building, as well as knowing that the ongoing work of the Center will make good use of this new facility.

We encourage you to join in the following three upcoming events:

* March/Procession from 515 Broadway at 11:00 a.m. to 612 Ocean Street on Tuesday October 4. Join us for a symbolic move from our present home to our new facility. Food and beverage provided. Bring your own sign.

* Volunteer work day at 612 Ocean on Saturday October 15 at 9:00 a.m. Let us know you are coming 831.423.1626 or just show up!

* Join us for our annual dinner and program Sunday October 23rd, 6:00 dinner and 7:00 program at 900 High Street. RSVP at www.rcnv.org or 831.423.1626.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a recent article about this new home for RCNV (9/28/2011). You’ll be hearing more about this project from us in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we wanted you to hear directly from us about this exciting new phase of our work and to thank all of our friends and supporters who have helped set the stage for our big change!

Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, Chair
Yolanda Henry
Darrell Darling
Dorah Rosen
Erik Larsen
Ricardo Banda
For the Steering Committee

Marciano Cruz
Sandino Gomez
Anita Heckman
Scott Kennedy
Wallace “Woody” Wood
For the Staff

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