Santa Cruz County Black Health Matters Initiative Spotlight 2021


“We know that what gets measured gets done. Our goal is to use the collected data as an opportunity to partner with local elected officials and community leaders. Together, we can begin to address the disparities outlined in our county’s declaration that racism is a public health crisis. This is our moment to include the diverse and vibrant voices of the Black community as we work together to create a healthy, thriving, and safe Santa Cruz County for all of us.”

Keisha Browder, CEO, United Way of Santa Cruz County

Since 2020, United Way of Santa Cruz County and the Santa Cruz County Black Health Matters Initiative (SCCBHMI) have worked to increase visibility of the social determinants of health impacting the Black/African American community in Santa Cruz County. Applied Survey Research (ASR) was brought on to create the
data snapshot, “Making the Invisible, Visible” released in December of 2020. Following that, ASR gathered additional secondary data and primary data, completed the analysis and authored this spotlight report.

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