Sunday, May 20: RCNV OPEN HOUSE- don\’t miss it!

Sunday, May 20: RCNV OPEN HOUSE- don’t miss it!
Location: 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz
Description: You are invited!!

Welcome to the
Resource Center for Nonviolence
Sunday, May 20,


Join us at our new home- Resource Center for Nonviolence home
612 Ocean Street,
Santa Cruz.

Photo by Matt Fitt

Please help us spread the word to your family, friends and organizations you are
involved with. Thank you!

Food, Music, Community
* Celebrate Nonviolent Activism
* Celebrate RCNV’s New Home
Special Guest Ahmed Salah,
from the
Egyptian Nonviolent Revolt

Bob Fitch photo exhibit:
Nonviolent Activism in America
Appetizers, Beverages, Conversation:  2:00-5:00
Music: 2:40-4:00
Building Tours: 2:30, 3:30

Welcome & Introductions to RCNV- staff, committees, Project ReGeneration 4:00
Featured Speaker Ahmed Salah: “Nonviolence and Democracy in Egypt” the main hall, 612 Ocean Street

Ahmed Salah was an active organizer of the Nonviolent uprising in Egypt last year and continues close ties with the struggle for democracy there. Ahmed is co-founder, strategist and foreign affairs representative of the April 6 Youth Movement, and implemented the plan that led to the first day of the Egyptian Revolution on January 25, 2011. He is one of the co-founders of the Egyptian Movement for Change, Kifaya (Enough!). He also co-founded and led the first anti-Mubarak youth movement: Youth For Change, and leads The Coalition of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.
For more information, call 831-423-1626.

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