The Resource Center for Nonviolence promotes the powerful combination of Nonviolence and Antiracism

Who we Are

We are multiracial volunteers, staff, donors, and board members committed to a community and place for personal and social transformation, cultural expression, advocacy, reflection, action, and reconciliation, rooted in Santa Cruz County, California.

We join together to develop the powerful combination of nonviolence and antiracism as means to create a more just, equitable, joyful, and sustainable world.

We host meetings and events to build nonviolence and antiracist culture in our community center.

The Resource Center for Nonviolence is located on unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe, and the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. The land was named by colonizers as the San Lorenzo River watershed, 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, California, United States of America. 

The Resource Center for Nonviolence is the public name of the independent 501(c)3 nonprofit Eschaton Foundation.

What we Do

Beloved Community

We stop to see one another and hear one another. We drop to feel impacts of racism in our bodies. We grow our connections. We get ready for social change.

Deep Learning

We strengthen commitments to nonviolence and antiracism in multiracial and affinity group study, conversation, and action.

Why Nonviolence and Antiracism?

Nonviolence is hundreds of actions born in struggles against racism, imperialism, militarism, and patriarchy. Antiracism is learning and action to produce and sustain equity among racial groups. Together they apply personal skills to restore society.

Our Work

Beloved Community Cafe

Monthly online conversations, communal reflections on popular topics and thought leaders in antiracism, nonviolence, and personal commitment. Open invitation to energetic human connections through virtual meeting spaces.

Antiracism Book Circles

Unique opportunity to respond to the impact of the coronavirus crisis and the renewed call for racial equity in our society. You will be collectively and individually growing in understanding that will result in long-awaited inclusion and empowerment for traditionally marginalized groups in our beloved community. RCNV presents this series of antiracism book circles as an act of radical generosity.

The Transformative Justice Leadership Initiative (TJLI) Program

The Transformative Justice Leadership Initiative (TJLI) will be the Resource Center for Nonviolence’s leading program, designed to respond to Santa Cruz County’s need for transformational leadership education, training and support to address the issues connected to living in a historically segregated community.

The Art of Nonviolence

Exhibits of local and regional art expressing multiracial cultures, social criticism and visions for change. Photographs of local, California, and national movements by Bob Fitch.


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RCNV Statement in Response to Murders in Atlanta and Boulder 3/26/2021

As the Resource Center for Nonviolence we pay attention to violence. Some of our antiracism book circles read Resmaa Menakem’s My Grandmother’s Hands, and consider the impact of violence and racialized trauma on our bodies, hearts, and minds.  Resmaa’s first encouragement is for each of us to stop, pay attention to our breathing, attend to

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What value will we celebrate this July 4th, independence or interdependence?  The Covid-19 virus, then US government failures to contain the virus, then police murder of George Floyd, then eruptions of outrage and protest in every corner of the country, all combine to take the wraps off deep wounds in the national body, wounds that

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Meredith March Against Fear- 54th Anniversary

Meredith March Against Fear 54th Anniversary Photo above by Bob Fitch, Stanford Library Archives On June 7th, 1966, James Meredith, who had integrated the University of Mississippi in 1962, began the March Against Fear; an attempt to walk from Memphis, Tennessee, to Jackson, Mississippi, (Photo at Jackson state capitol above) to promote black voter registration and defy

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RCNV’s response to the killing of George Floyd May 25, 2020

Justice will remain illusive unless we take an honest look at ourselves and how we are complicit in the perpetuation of racist ideas and actions within our lives and institutions. The senseless killing of George Floyd has devastated our community, nation and the world by laying bare the racist realities of People of Color yet

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The Power of Antiracism Book Circles

Impact Stories

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