Resource Center for Nonviolence Endorses the Driscoll’s Berry Boycott

The Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, California stands in solidarity with the nearly 70,000 farmworkers in Burlington, Washington and San Quintín, Baja California, who have organized a boycott of Driscoll’s

berries. The workers, led by their independent unions, have been fighting since 2013 in Washington and 2015 in Baja California for a just contract that guarantees fair wages and decent working conditions, including an end to child labor, sexual harassment and substandard housing.

This struggle of the farmworkers who pick berries for the world’s largest berry producer is consistent with the mission of the RCNV to support nonviolent social change in our region and around the world. The headquarters of Driscoll is in Watsonville, here in our county, and nearly all local grocery stores in the area currently sell Driscoll’s berries. We urge these businesses to stop selling Driscoll’s products and local consumers to stop buying the products until the growers agree to a collective bargaining process with the workers’ unions and a contract is agreed to.



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