Update on Bradley Manning, March 9, 2013, 5 pm

At the Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center St,  Santa Cruz
Jeff Paterson, steering committee member of the Bradley Manning Support Network, and his associate Michael Thurman, will give a report on Bradley Manning, his situation and ongoing efforts to end his incarceration, which has lasted almost 3 years.

February 20th marked Bradley’s 1000th day of imprisonment without trial. In contrast to his treatment by the Obama administration and the military, Manning has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for courageously releasing video of “collateral” murder by a helicopter crew and for sharing classified materials, including diplomatic cables containing candid assessments of the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the revelations “fairly modest” yet Bradley Manning has been subjected to harsh treatment far beyond what is allowed in military or civilian US legal codes.

Free Bradley Manning Demonstration Paterson is project director of Courage to Resist, the Oakland-based non-profit which supports military whistleblowers and conscientious objectors. Thurman is a campaign organizer with Courage to Resist as well as on staff with the Bradley Manning Support Network. Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network co-host the Bradley Manning Legal Defense fund.This event is part of the 2013 GI Rights Network Conference and is co-sponsored by the GI Rights Network, the Resource Center for Nonviolence and Santa Cruz WILPF.
Donations are requested.

For more information, contact GI Rights girn2013@yahoo.com or 831.262.3074

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