August Study Tour to Mid East with Scott Kennedy

You are invited to join the:
2008 Resource Center for Nonviolence and Interfaith Peace-Builders
Study Tour to Israel and the Palestinian Territories
August 4-11, 2008

This is a truly exceptional opportunity to visit the region at a critical moment in history and to learn about the ongoing conflict from a variety of perspectives, while meeting with and learning from locals working for a sustainable, just solution. You will visit various points of interest in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel, stay with Israeli and Palestinian families and have the opportunity to participate in ongoing nonviolent campaigns as well as witness the daily reality of people in the region.

Please visit to read more about the trip, to fill out the online application, and for updates on the schedule! Please note that there is an early-bird $140 discount if you apply before 31 May 2008.
Megan Kennedy, study tour coordinator, is at your disposition should you have any questions regarding the tour. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email!

Megan Grace Kennedy
Israel-Palestine Study Tour 2008 Coordinator
Telephone: +336.
Resource Center for Nonviolence
515 Broadway
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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