Resource, as of April, 2015: Speak Out- a Zine Exploring Gendered Violence:  genderedviolencezine

Resource Center for Nonviolence PROGRAMS: 

Sarah Durant Smith leads Kingian Nonviolence Trainings and coordinates RCNV’s  Project ReGeneration and the Youth Empowerment program.  She connects young people with one another in participating in activism on their issues, and learning skills for nonviolent activism.

Drew Glover leads Kingian Nonviolence Trainings coordinates volunteers and interns . He organized the 2016 Explore Your Social Justice Community workshop, , and connects across many organization.

Peter Klotz-Chamberlin organizes  speaking events and study groups, and is active in networking with ally groups of RCNV.  He is the staff liaison with the Palestine Israel Action Committee.   Peter was a co-founder of RCNV.

The Nonviolent Action Training and Education program is coordinated by Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, Drew Glover and Sarah Durant Smith.   The program offers training in organizing an action, strategy for change, group facilitation, social media, and more.

The Palestine Israel Action Committee organizes education events and supports boycott, divestment and sanctions in support of human rights for all persons in Israel and Palestine, and in support of equal rights of return for Palestinians as well as Jews.

Our Bookstore is open Monday through Thursday from 12 – 4 pm and is centrally located at our 612 Ocean St. facility in Santa Cruz. Our store features books focused on nonviolence and justice, posters,  fair trade items from Palestine, (olive oil, keffiyehs, etc.), as well as a community bulletin board.

Facilities:   The Resource Center has several spaces for the community that are available for rental: Scott Kennedy Hall (capacity 200) Community Room (capacity 60). The Center can host meetings, performances, films, celebrations, or exhibits and offers very reasonable rates. For scheduling and rates: Tom Monahan 831.423.1626 extension 106 or rcnvrentals   (at)

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