RCNV Exhibits: the Art of Nonviolence

CONNECTIONS: a Printmaking Exhibit

The “Connections” exhibit links us to each other and the human condition. In this time of the corona virus and sheltering at home, we yearn for connection. We long to return to our interrelated lives, to hug our friends and loved ones. We remain at home, unable to celebrate together. Alone, we mourn the loss of those who have died. We are overwhelmed by the over 360,000+ lives lost worldwide due to the pandemic. 

“Connections” ties us to the healing power of nature, our history and our memories. The art provides a window of hope for the current moment. It helps us to remember the past and to face the future. 

(NOTE: Slideshow may take awhile to load. If arrows on the slideshow don’t work, use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click on the image and slide right to move to the next image. Scroll down to see thumbnail gallery with titles, artist, media and prices. )

This printmaking invitational features eleven artists: Jody Bare, Molly Brown, Marcus Cota, Esmeralda DeGiovanni, Emma Formato, Jane Gregorius, Anita Heckman, Bridget Henry, Glenn Joy, Stephanie Martin and Melissa West. Coming soon: several of Melissa West’s prayer flags and twelve prints from the Ayotzinapa 43 folio will be posted here. The prayer flags celebrate hope and action. The portraits acknowledge the 43 students from Mexico who were disappeared in 2014. presente.

Most work from “Connections” is for sale. See gallery below with titles and prices. For purchases: inquire directly with the artist (links above) or contact anita [at} rcnv [dot} org

The printmaking styles and subject matter are wide ranging but all relate to the theme of Connection. Methods represented include linoleum cut, photo-polymer, monotype with chine collé, reduction woodcut, etching, and lithography. 

We hope to present the “real-life” exhibit in person at RCNV at some point in the future. The exhibit was originally scheduled for April – June, 2020 at RCNV. The exhibit has moved online due to Covid-19, since RCNV is temporarily closed to the public. RCNV has offered numerous Art of Nonviolence exhibits since the 612 Ocean St. facility was remodeled in 2017.